Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey Beauty Bloggers !

Hey there Beauty Bloggers !
My name is Michelle, and I am pretty much a makeup addict as well. I got into this from my best friend and her amazing collection. However, she doesn’t vlogg or blogg about it due to the massive amount of school work she has. This is a hobby of mine, and I love to learn more about it and share some of my makeup tricks, opinions, and what I have. This blogg with be done on my spare time, or perhaps just a little break from school work. This blogg will also act as sort of an online diary, where I will share my thoughts and rambles to the world as well. I am new at blogging , and I am not the greatest speller , so please bare with me. I will have something up in the next week so please follow my blogg and make sure you check out my YouTube page as well. I find it way easier to vlogg then to blogg (lol) Well , I am off to start my day, and I hope you follow and please ask if you have any questions.
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